Norn Wastelands #1 - 3D Printable Scenery

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I'm pleased to present you the Norn Wastelands #1 scenery set.

Models included in this set:

  • Frost Waterfall
  • Norn Runic Tablet
  • Norn Tent
  • Norn Wolf Statue
  • Norn Ruined Walls
  • Ice Talons
  • Norn Fireplaces

Models from this set are made for FDM printing and do not require using any supports.

NOTE: The miniatures presented in the pictures (dwarf, female druid and warrior) are made by Duncan "Shadow" Louca and are shown only for the scale. They are used with the knowledge and consent of the author. They are not included in the presented product.

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Norn Wastelands #1 - 3D Printable Scenery

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